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Take 1

her comment is here For six years of high school, I believed that there was one right way to live. As my school’s motto was to “discover truth, practice goodness and create beauty,” I read each great work of my classical education, from Aristotle to Dostoyevsky, Jane Austin to St. Augustine, searching for the one person who had all the answers. The one person who would tell me how to live a good life the right way. It wasn’t until my senior year when I came across John Stuart Mill that my perspective began to change. Mill described the acquisition of truth as a head-on train collision. By colliding two notions of truth, Mill explained that you can then sort through the remnants to put together some semblance of a better whole. That is, while no one person possesses all the answers, if you continue to allow your ideas and beliefs to be challenged by others, then you can piece together a greater, more complete understanding of the world – of its truth, of its goodness, and of its beauty.

calcium carbonate price in mumbai I have come a long way since high school. And after spending my college years at Carleton and Macalester, I have since come to realize that there is an infinite number of ways to live a good life. So the question becomes, not what does my life need to look like, but rather, what do I want my life to look like?

At the moment, my life is consumed with family and school. My husband, 3-year-old son and I are quite inseparable. And my medical studies are in full-swing.

I can tell you where my life is headed but I’m still unsure of where I will end up. So the purpose of this blog becomes two-fold. The first is to somehow contribute to the train wreck – to discover truth, practice goodness and create beauty. The second is to use knowledge gained through reflection – to approach this next phase of my medical school education keeping the ultimate goal of leading a good life in mind.